GPablo is a free Google Analytics code verification and broken link tool. Here are many of the questions that people ask us. If you have any others that you think need to be included on our list please make sure to fill out our ‘Feedback’ form with your suggestion!

What is the purpose of GPablo?

GPablo is many things! But right now you can use it to scan your website for placement of both Google Analytics code and also to verify if you have any broken links found within your website. In the future we will be launching many exciting enhancements so please check back to keep up to date!

How much does GPablo cost to use?

GPablo is a free tool! Use it as much as you like! In the future we will be launching a much more exhaustive program geared at search companies and companies with many sites in their service list. STAY TUNED!

How much can I use GPablo?

We want you to use it as much as possible! But presently we ask that you only submit one site up to 4 times per day for Lite users or 15 times per day for Pro users. This is to allow our servers to not get overloaded and allow everyone better accessibility to use this service. In time we will be launching an enhanced service which allows you to use the tool far more!

Who is the developer for GPablo?

GPablo was developed by TechWyse, They do lots of things like internet marketing and building websites that convert. My name is GPablo, I only care about correct placement of Google Analytics code on your site and broken links that search engines don’t like. In time I will show you the other things I care about. But you need to be patient!

Why is GPablo necessary?

You should use GPablo to test your site for proper implementation of Google Analytics code because nobody likes inaccurate statistics about their website. Especially me!

Does GPablo scan other analytics tools and software?

The checker will pickup urchin code placement as well as google analytics (although the account number needs to be left blank).GPablo will be adding support for Yahoo! Web Analytics very soon!

When will I receive my scan report?

Google Analytics and Broken Link Verification reports generally take only a few minutes. When we are really busy though it can take up to a day. So if you are seeing reports take a while give us a bit of a break and go for a Siesta!

Will Gpablo fix my code errors?

No Senor! That is for you to fix! But once you think you have fixed the code you can check your site again up to 4 times per day for Lite users or 15 times per day for Pro users.

What if I can't fix the problems and need GPablo to fix them?

Contact Us for assistance or a qualified Google Analytics Authorized Consultant.

What is GPablo Pro?

GPablo Pro was created for people that need to check Google Analytics code on many websites and/or more frequently than most. GPablo Pro has been built to make scanning for code accuracy more simple and organized. It is currently a free service with plans for a paid option as the tool evolves.

How does the GPablo ‘Widget’ work?

A web widget is a portable chunk of code that can be installed and executed within any separate HTML-based web page by an end - user without requiring additional compilation. You can download and integrate the GPablo widget in to your website using the 'get widget' option from the navigation menu.

The advantage is that scanning is possible from your site itself, and you can customize the look and feel of this widget by selecting the appropriate colors for each section such as Widget Container, Text Area, Content Area and Scan Button.

Integrating the Widget

Integrating this widget in to your site is a 3-step-process

  1. Customize the look and feel of the widget using the color palette provided.
  2. Once customized, click the “Download” button to generate the codes needed for displaying the scanner on your website.
  3. The Codes are split into two parts: the first part that contains the “Style and Scripts” needs to be placed inside the <HEAD> Section of the page and the second part comprising the form should be placed inside the <BODY> where the scanner needs to be displayed.

Users who are familiar with HTML and CSS can further customize the formatting and color schemes to better suit their site. One thing to note, however, is that the copyright information “Google Analytics Scanner is powered by GPablo” should be included and displayed

Does GPablo scan for any other analytics services other than Google?

GPablo will be adding support for Yahoo! Web Analytics very soon!

Now what are you waiting for? Get scanning now!

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Fill out the form below and GPablo will scan your site for synchronous, asynchronous and Urchin code and will also give you a broken link report.

Results are sent via email, so be sure to enter a valid email address. For the most accurate and quickest scan, create a sitemap.xml for your website. We respect your privacy and do not share your information.